Pint-Sized Kiddie Rides for Los Angeles Children’s Parties

And, the occasional, Not-So-Pint-Sized Ride!

Some of our pint-sized party rides just for kids!

Carnival Kiddie Train

A Kiddie Train Ride on a track
Fits 12-16 children at a time.

Perfect for Ages 1-7.
Plays darling music and comes with a “trained” attendant for 2 hour minimum!


kiddie token rides

A 3 Horse Party Carousel.
A 2 Horse Carousel.
2 seater rides, 1 seat rides.
Perfect for ages 2-6.
Unlimited rides for an all day rental!


Horse & Carriage2


The Royal Horse & Carriage Ride
3 little riders at a time!
Perfect for ages 3-10.
Princess adorned attendant will host rides for a 1 hour minimum!


The Mini Kiddie Train Ride
4 little riders at a time!
Perfect for ages 1-7.
Includes scenery and sound effects for 2 hour minimum.


One thought on “Pint-Sized Kiddie Rides for Los Angeles Children’s Parties”

  1. Mirit Neman says:

    This looks like an awesome party – especially for my animal loving son. I’m always amazed by the ideas you have and love every party I’ve had with you guys.

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