It’s a Bird, It’s a Pla…yeah…you get the idea! Superheroes for Children’s Birthday Parties!

When it comes to superheroes, we offer the perfect blend of dashing and silly, creating beyond compare party performances by talented entertainers in impeccable costumes! Our 23 year track record of providing the very best children’s party entertainment in the Greater Los Angeles area challenges us to constantly innovate new ideas, and present the most cutting edge characters, concepts, and party experiences…bar none!

Amazing SUPERHERO Face Painting…yep, we got it!

Inventive SUPERHERO Table Decor…we got that, too!
(circa 2005–We ARE the original Pinterest!)

Creative Activities like a SUPERHERO Stash Treasure Hunt…why, of course!

 We’re known for out-of-this world concepts like Superhero Academy…

And Caped Crusader Creation…

And, plenty of opportunity for Grown-Ups to get silly,
as they pose in front of our custom SUPERHERO style Posing Station

We had the great pleasure of planning an Over-The-Top SUPERHERO celebration filled with plenty of bells and whistles at (which happened to be at a spectacular home formerly owned by celebrity mom, Jennifer Lopez)
CLICK ON THE PHOTO to see  more details of the action filled shindig!

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