It’s Hip to Be Square {Los Angeles Children’s Party Planner}

Recently we were contacted by a company called SquareSpot, asking Send In The Clowns to become their exclusive Children’s Party Entertainment Partner offering Characters, Clowns, and Kiddie Party Planning Services  in the Los Angeles area.

Our initial thought? Well, OK. Maybe. Uhhhh-but, what is Squarespot? (we had never heard of it)…not to mention, we have become way skeptical of “deal companies”, where often it seems that the only folks benefiting from the “deal* are…those “deal companies”! And can we talk about all those “deals” people buy that they never cash in on, businesses that disappear just when you are ready to “cash in”, and so on…but this company, this SquareSpot, seems D I F F E R E N T. Read on and see why:

SquareSpot is a new online marketplace dedicated to meeting the needs of discerning moms and families. (excellent. we love the “discerning” part) It’s where you’ll find great deals and discounts on high quality, family-centric products and services. It’s not a clearance house for overstocked retailers, corner-cutting manufacturers or fly-by-night operators. Everything you see at SquareSpot has been tried and tested by people who believe saving money should not involve lowering standards. (“should not involve lowering standards”? Amazing! They are speaking our language!)  Everything you see at SquareSpot has been sourced and selected by people who appreciate that urban parents who want the best for their families don’t always have the time to go out and look for it. (How much do we love that they “source” and “select”?)

It didn’t take long for us to see that this is a concept we could get behind. More investigation, and we uncovered how it all works. Read on to see what they say…

A SquareCard is proof of your membership of SquareSpot’s community-within-the-community. It gives you exclusive benefits offered by dozens of carefully selected partners in your area, often your zip-code. Some are retailers providing basic family needs like children’s clothing and pharmaceuticals. Others offer home delivery of organic fresh produce. Still others run activity-based kid’s classes, creative arts courses, sports and childcare. We appreciate that modern parenting is all about multi-tasking, and your SquareCard is designed to help you cover a lot of the bases. We’re launching our online market in February, and your SquareCard is your ticket to even bigger discounts on all the offers you’ll see there. It’s also a way to make sure you’re the first to hear about great local family amenities and resources you didn’t know existed. It costs $50 to join, but if you apply before February 12th you’ll enjoy all these benefits absolutely free until September 2nd.

In other words, the sooner you join, the more you’ll save.

We are excited to be a part of this clever new company, and thrilled that they value the quality of our service to include us as one of their preferred Los Angeles Partners!

They are launching in Los Angeles on January 23rd, 2012…be sure to join now. We think you’ll be glad you did!

About Leesa Zelken, Chief Event Organizer

Leesa turned this one-time show into a thriving business and fulfilling career. Send In The Clowns is the expression of Leesa’s unique experiences as a children’s entertainer, actress, teacher … and mother. Planning over 500 events per year (and 15,000+ and counting in her career!) has forced Leesa out of clown suit and into the role of CEO – Chief Entertainment Organizer. Her ideas, creativity and energy continue to inspire and delight parents, adults, and children around the Los Angeles area.

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