Fun Pass! {Children’s Circus and Carnival Parties in Los Angeles}

Sure, we offer a spectacular Classic Kiddie Carnival Party, complete with…

Clever Games

Cool Crafts

Sweet Prizes

Surprises, and more!

with all the blogs, websites, facebook pages, and more, showcasing Children’s Party Ideas (ours included), I have yet to come accross anything as charming, clever, and inspiring as this!
(Take a peek, you’ll glad you did and for sure you’ll be crying at minute 7!)

About Leesa Zelken, Chief Event Organizer

Leesa turned this one-time show into a thriving business and fulfilling career. Send In The Clowns is the expression of Leesa’s unique experiences as a children’s entertainer, actress, teacher … and mother. Planning over 500 events per year (and 15,000+ and counting in her career!) has forced Leesa out of clown suit and into the role of CEO – Chief Entertainment Organizer. Her ideas, creativity and energy continue to inspire and delight parents, adults, and children around the Los Angeles area.

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