HAPPY BLOGDAY TO YOU! {Los Angeles Children’s Party Planner}

Shhhhh. A blog was just born!

20 years planning children’s birthdays and events for the 1-10 year old “set”, at a current average of 500 events per year in every shape and size, and a portfolio of over 10,000 separate events that SEND IN THE CLOWNS has been a part of…and so begins the “blog of it all”.

Long before computers, websites, handhelds, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and…BLOGS, there was…SEND IN THE CLOWNS! Hey, we’ve been around since the late 80’s, after all…

Planning, creating, designing, and providing clever entertainment for children’s parties and events is what I love to do… but writing about it…on a B-L-O-G??? Really?? This is a question I’ve been wrestling with since 2007, when I stumbled upon my first Blog, that of renowned Southern California photographer, Jessica Claire. On her blog, Jessica photographed and featured a fabulously fun Alice In Wonderland Party in the Brentwood Area of Los Angeles that SEND IN THE CLOWNS designed and coordinated for a lovely little 3 year old.

Check it out…her photographs are stunning! Many bloggers later, and SEND IN THE CLOWNS has been mentioned, and featured, (and lifted on occasion w/o permission) many places in the Blogsphere!
And  I DO love seeing our work featured on colleagues blogs, but now…finally…a moment I’ve been waiting for…an opportunity to showcase our work, on our own B-L-O-G! Hurray!!

And, of course:

  • an opportunity to feature other’s work that we admire
  • to share musings of all things party and non-party
  • an occasional retrospective of our parties throughout the years
  • how-to’s
  • how-not-to’s
  • and a whole bunch of other things fun, delightful, unique, and interesting!

And, now, here comes the Tony Award-like speech part of my first Blog  post: (I say Tony and not Oscar, ‘cause deep down inside I am a Broadway Star trapped in a Kiddie Party Planner’s body)

“None of this would have been possible without the following folks I need to thank—uh-oh—the light just flashed and I have only 30 more seconds, so I’ll be brief: Many thanks to my husband, Bob, who doesn’t realize how many late nights I will spend tirelessly writing blog posts (it’s now 12:09 am, btw—sorry, honey). I am beyond thankful to and for my most amazing 12 year old daughter, Zoe, who has been both the beneficiary of some amazing birthday parties, and the “second fiddle” to an occasional party snafu that required my immediate attention. A million thanks to the SITC (which hereto forward means Send In The Clowns, for short) past and present team of party performers and talented staff, who have worked above and beyond to represent my company in the most glorious of lights…always. Much gratitude to the stellar group of designers and colleagues that I am fortunate enough to know, who never ever let me down. Many thanks to my parents, who still tell me I could go back to school to become a teacher, yet never fail to let me know how proud they are of me…always. {blushing}

“And, it goes without saying, but say I must, ‘thanks to all my clients throughout the years for trusting SEND IN THE CLOWNS with your most precious occasions!’”

And now, let the blogging begin!!

About Leesa Zelken, Chief Event Organizer

Leesa turned this one-time show into a thriving business and fulfilling career. Send In The Clowns is the expression of Leesa’s unique experiences as a children’s entertainer, actress, teacher … and mother. Planning over 500 events per year (and 15,000+ and counting in her career!) has forced Leesa out of clown suit and into the role of CEO – Chief Entertainment Organizer. Her ideas, creativity and energy continue to inspire and delight parents, adults, and children around the Los Angeles area.

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