Everything Old Is New Again {Los Angeles Children’s Party Planner}

It’s always exciting to ring in the New Year, and 2012 promises to be even more thrilling for us with the launch of our re-vamped website! Our fresh new look, with the same clever Send In The Clowns style, is something we are extremely proud of and are confident that clients will enjoy visiting.

We are most grateful to our uber talented website designer, Arny Pollack, of Dice Media–our original designer in 2006 and again in 2012. (hey, if it ain’t broke…?) Because of Arny’s flawless work back in 2006, our first website was always highly praised for its creativity, clean style, and functionality, and its timeless sensibility that would allow us to use it for years to follow–that is until Flash sites became a bit obsolete due to the prevalence of iPads, iPhones, etc. ( Mr. Flash and Ms. Apple really need to become friends (or newly invented party characters)…but that’s another topic)

Nevertheless, our “bells and whistles” flash site existed despite the suggestions, nudges, and reminders from friends and professionals, that a new and improved site would actually be a *good* thing. (Did I mention I hate change?)

An *OLD* Send In The Clowns look, circa 2004

Finally, my own obsessive iPad use made me realize how absolutely necessary it was to upgrade, so that potential clients (moms, and the occasional dad, in particular) would have accessibility anytime/anywhere, and be able to plan a child’s party in carpool lanes, at 2 am, and on soccer game sidelines.  (Did I mention that the Party Planning Offices of Send In The Clowns are often accessible via email at most hours of the day or night?)

So, with ease, speed, functionality and plenty of ways to connect with us, we can now help you cross one-more thing off your “mom (dad)-to-do list”! (thank you, Arny!)

We are fond of the phrase “re-inventing the party wheel”. It is our cornerstone and our mission. And any good re-invention keeps the “everything old” and incorporates what already works into the ” new again”. Thanks to Arny & his team from Dice Media, who spent many tireless hours tweaking and re-tweaking at my request, never once pushing back, committed to this project as if he was working on his own (no wonder why we click–great minds, as they say…) now Send In The Clowns has a modern (new!) design, which retains our classy (classic!) recognizable brand-logo, and is sure to be every Los Angeles Mom’s Party Planning “Go-To”!

Please let us know what you like about our new site by leaving a friendly (emphasis on friendly) comment here, or on our Facebook  page, and we’ll be only too happy to offer you a year-end, $25 off gift certificate to be used toward any 2012 party! ( limit one per client, CAN be used in conjunction with other offers….and we are still offering our UP TO $95 OFF Promo until 1/8/12!)


About Leesa Zelken, Chief Event Organizer

Leesa turned this one-time show into a thriving business and fulfilling career. Send In The Clowns is the expression of Leesa’s unique experiences as a children’s entertainer, actress, teacher … and mother. Planning over 500 events per year (and 15,000+ and counting in her career!) has forced Leesa out of clown suit and into the role of CEO – Chief Entertainment Organizer. Her ideas, creativity and energy continue to inspire and delight parents, adults, and children around the Los Angeles area.

7 thoughts on “Everything Old Is New Again {Los Angeles Children’s Party Planner}”

  1. The website is totally user friendly and has so much information! I’m excited for my daughter’s party and trust that you guys are going to do a great job. Great promotions!!!

  2. I love the new website – I am often having party planning conversations with my husband while we are in the car. All my questions can be answered by accessing the website on my phone. Not only is the website easily accessible, but so is the owner of the company. I’m looking forward to having a great party!

  3. Hello Send in the Clowns!! Natalie and I cannot wait to have our third birthday with you! From Tinkerbelle, Cinderella, to Hello Kitty, we think YOU are the best! It’s not a party, unless Send in the Clowns there! Thank you for everything you do to make a party so magical! Xoxoxo Nicole

  4. I want to thank Leesa for her immediate help with my event. I have a 150+ Candyland event with over 50 kids in two weeks and my entertainers double booked me and unfortunately had to cancel them! In a quick conversation she confirmed 3 hours of exciting entertainment that was age and theme appropriate! Leesa also stayed within my budget and booked better entertainment that I had previously hired. I’m so excited to have found Send in the Clowns!

    I work with event vendors often and I she blew me away. I have high expectation levels and Leesa was amazing. I found myself searching her site to see what additional services she can include for my celebration.

  5. Abby and I are so excited to celebrate her 5th birthday party with Send in the Clowns! She cannot wait for Rapunzel to be at her party and for all the wonderful activities you have planned!! This is the second time we have celebrated with you and are confident that everything will go smoothly and that Abby will have a blast…everything she wants for her birthday! Thank you Leesa!!

  6. I have used Send in the Clowns in the past for my daughter’s party and so thrilled to celebrate soon with our son’s party soon. I have friends who have used Send in the Clowns in the past and they are simply the best. Thank you Leesa for everything! We really appreciate it!


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