EPIC Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Why have an ordinary Easter Egg Hunt when you can have an EPIC Easter Egg Hunt?
Read on for FOUR fun and modern Easter Hunt ideas for planning something perfectly EGGstravagant this year!


instead of simply sticking to your own backyard plan something that goes way beyond
(1) Invite your little guests to bring their favorite mode of transportation (tricycle, bicycle, scooter, hover board)
(2) have plenty of decorating supplies on hand (streamers, balloons, pinwheels, etc) so they can deck out their “ride”
(3) enlist the neighbors to let you hide the goodies in “faraway” (not too far) places. Markers on participating neighbor’s lawns will let little hunters know where to go!
(4) re-convene at *home base* for a grande finale Easter Parade!

Ready, Set, GLOW!
Sure. Most traditional hunts are the perfect complement to a brunch-time celebration, but twilight hunts are a great way to “GLOW with a different approach.” String a few well-placed carnival bulbs or twinkle lights in your backyard. Get some glow paint in a variety of fun colors and “GLOW to town”‘painting oodles of eggs! Instead of Easter bonnets, how about Easter glow stick hats,  and wear-ables. And for extra added fun, insert LED lights inside 3’ diameter helium filled balloons strung on invisible fishing line to look like giant eggs magically floating around your location!
glow balloons

PEEP it up a notch!
The eggs are hidden. The scene is set. Flowers adorn the garden and the sun is shining bright. Everything looks beautiful…and the kids are ready to hunt…but what’s a party with out the sound of your favorite DJ spinning tunes, or your own hunt-friendly playlist? Turn up the peeps with familiar peep >ahem< POP tunes, plus some classic music games like freeze dancing or hokey pokey and limbo to mix it up a bit, and general high-energy music fun to round out the fun…a little “who let the dogs (or bunnies) out” on Easter Sunday never hurt no one!
olivB_031613_2120 - Copy

Who says you can only hunt on grass? Pint-sized party goers will spend more time digging thru sand, oatmeal, or birdseed to find hidden eggs than the “less than 5 minutes in total” that they may spend searching thru the yard for hidden goodies. Any plastic bin, or toddler inflatable pool will be the perfect container for a lots of plastic eggs filled with trinkets and wrapped sweets. (Keep a big bowl of back stock for lots of replenishing!) And while the tiny-tots are digging, the older kiddos in warm weather climates will thank you for a pool party meets swim-egg-a-thon. Have the kids retrieve plastic eggs floating in the pool, and instead of filling the plastic eggs, keep them empty and have hunters redeem them like carnival tickets! Each color egg has a value! Set up a prize booth for a fun way to EGGchange eggs for goodies! WIN-WIN!

Huffington Post thinks our ideas are EGGcellent and features them here


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