The Amazing Female Characters of Send In The Clowns

Who’s Your Girl?

At Send In The Clowns, we love staying busy – ensuring your party is memorable and that the kids are having fun! Whether you select one of our Style-Set-Go Parties, one of our Party-Set-Go Parties, or you simply have our characters join your party as entertainment, we always bring our ‘A’ Game! Our entertainment staff consists of talented character actors who go far beyond the average party characters. No milling around or watching the clock – our characters are hands-on and extremely creative. They facilitate games, activities and opportunities for great photos. Imagine throwing a party with The Little Mermaid or Ironman as your Master of Ceremonies! That’ll get (and keep) everyone’s attention!

Our female characters are especially popular. Is your child sporty and daring? Prim-and-proper? Heroic and brave? Which character best represents your child’s unique personality?

Snow White

Snow White is kind and cheerful. She stays positive despite being targeted and nearly poisoned, all the while exuding a delicate grace. She’s charming (remember the seven dwarfs warmed up to her pretty quickly!) and loves people. Who wouldn’t want an eternal optimist with feminine flare overseeing their birthday party? She is the “fairest one of all.”


Supergirl is a survivor. After leaving her home planet just before it was destroyed, she had to adjust to her new life on Earth. Now a resilient young woman, she is equipped to save the world! Her superpowers include heightened senses like x-ray vision and stellar hearing, as well as super strength and stamina. Her kind heart and deep desire for fairness make her a great party host.


Rapunzel is self-motivated and courageous. Her extra-long golden hair has magical healing powers! While trapped in a tower, she developed a love for art and music. After many years of isolation, she was brave enough to escape to the outside world, now with a fresh appreciation for life. She sees the beauty in everything around her and she loves parties and people.

Wonder Woman

One of the earliest female superheroes, Wonder Woman is a warrior princess and the epitome of toughness. As a child, she was rigorously trained to protect mankind. She is incredibly strong, selfless and brave. Her accessories are great symbols of girl power – the lasso of truth, bracelets that cannot be broken, and a tiara that doubles as a combat tool. She is sure to wow party attendees with her confidence and strength.

Little Miss Fun

Little Miss Fun is just that: fun! A gentle and kind clown character, Little Miss Fun is completely engaging and is the perfect addition to any children’s event.

The possibilities don’t end here! Dorothy and Toto, Peppa Pig, Snow White, Elena of Avalor, Elsa, Anna, Cinderella, Moana, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Ariel (Little Mermaid), Jasmine, Princess Sofia, Pixie Fairy, Tinkerbell, Merida, Minnie Mouse, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, Female Pirate, Cowgirl, Glinda, Strawberry Shortcake, Candyland Gal, and more. The Send In The Clowns cast of characters is extensive. See our character gallery to fuel your creativity and ensure your party is amazing!

About Leesa Zelken, Chief Event Organizer

Leesa turned this one-time show into a thriving business and fulfilling career. Send In The Clowns is the expression of Leesa’s unique experiences as a children’s entertainer, actress, teacher … and mother. Planning over 500 events per year (and 15,000+ and counting in her career!) has forced Leesa out of clown suit and into the role of CEO – Chief Entertainment Organizer. Her ideas, creativity and energy continue to inspire and delight parents, adults, and children around the Los Angeles area.

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