3 Cheers for Chairs! {Los Angeles Children’s Party Planner}

Our Wonderland Birthday Throne

While compulsively searching for the quintessential desk chair to compliment my twelve year old daughter’s newly spruced up tween-bedroom, combing the internet and stores, high and low, morning and night.

Searching everything from:

pink chair” to “hot pink chair”

pink desk chair” to ” tween desk chair”

…finally to “fun pink desk chair”. EMPHASIS on the word “F U N“.  


 aka the PERFECT pink chair

Her name is FIFI and she sure is F U N

(and wouldn’t she look simply lovely at any birthday fete!)

Breathing a sigh of relief, resulting in a retail *high* (if you will), from my “fun  find”, it occurred to me:

This is not some new obsession…for me…there’s just always been something about chairs

“A seat typically having 4 legs and a back for one person”.

uh–yeah, sure….that is until we get a hold of ’em! 

Presenting some of our F UN-EST party chairs…


 Beverly Hills, CA  Vintage Circus guest chairs

 Westwood, CA  Funky Princess Throne

Bel Air, CA  It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane guest chairs

 Santa Monica, CA  Spa-jama Soiree Lounge Chair

 Beverly Hills, CA  Start Your Engines guest chairs

Encino, CA   Tiny Chiavarri Vanity Chairs

Bel Air, CA  Pint Sized Party Stools

Brentwood, CA  Down On The Farm guest chairs

Then, there was the F U NNY chair moment, when a client planning her babies first birthday wanted an arrangement of 25 highchairs for a Babies First Birthday baby-food station…(alas that never happened, but we were poised and ready!) Thanks you, Ikea.

So… it turns out my daughter may not share my same obsession


…she nixed my find, and chose this instead…The White Tufted Stool

...which (and don’t tell her I said this), while not my 1st choice for her bedroom desk chair, might look really great a party!

Like mother, like daughter? Not always. Nevertheless, 3 cheers for chairs!

They make me…


2 thoughts on “3 Cheers for Chairs! {Los Angeles Children’s Party Planner}”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this all
    youre very talented

  2. leesa says:

    Susie…so sweet of you to say. Glad we found each other–“great minds…”, as they say!

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